Lime Crime Velvetines Lip Line is Scandalous


Lime Crime Velvetines Lip Line is Scandalous


Sasha, Cindy, Gigi, and Lulu may sound fierce chic’s; however, they are part of the hottest lip trend from Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte collection. Not only will you love these kick-ass colors, you will adore the innovative Plum hue, “Scandal”; so sexy it’s scandalous.


Scandal is just one of 42 liquid-to-color matte lip paints released from the spicy, L.A. makeup company, Lime Crime. The one-of-a-kind Lime Crime is not your mother’s makeup line, instead, they rock pallet’s that not only scream spectacular, they rebel against normality. Certified Vegan and manufactured without cruelty to animals, Lime Crime is safe, even when you are wicked. Pouty, velvety, and plump, your lips will command attention.


Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, you work for a living, although you know how to relieve stress after by hitting up the club with the girls. Lime Crime understands that we don’t always have time to freshen up, fortunately the bundle duos are the answer to all your dilemmas. “Charm” up your “Fetish” with the convenient lip duo that adds a beautiful mauve shimmer to a sizzling plum, that lasts all night. Lime Crime offers 14 impressive duos for a variety of your fetishes.


Sporting Velvetines is the only requirement to rocking out but, adding their super-hot, Superfoils Eye Shadow, will make you all the rage. Ten sparkling duos for whatever mood you’re in will look fabulous with their Liquid Liners; however, if you’re not feeling sparkling, the Venus Palettes offered by Lime Crime, will surely satisfy your dark side.

Whatever the occasion, Lime Crime will render you the life of the party. Kicking it on the dance floor or in the boxing ring, your beauty will knock anyone out. As Lime Crime declares, it is “make-up for unicorns”! Read more about Lime Crime news and new looks on their Tumblr page.

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