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Logan Stout’s IDLife Joins Hands with Garmin to Offer Activity Trackers

The well-known health and wellness firm, IDLife, decided to partner with Garmin, a leader in wearable devices, to offer its wearable line of products through IDLife website. The founder and CEO of the IDLife, Logan Stout felt that the customers of the firm should be benefitted from the wearable devices of Garmin, and from June 1, Garmin’s IndexTM Smart Scale and vívo activity trackers would be available for purchase on Also, the users of IDLife would soon get an option to integrate Garmin device data to IDWellness mobile app which helps them to track the progress and manage the milestones in the health conveniently.

IDLife works in such a way that it tips out the healthy lifestyle using nutritional products and highest-quality customized vitamins. The firm follows simple steps to make everyone in its network healthy and fit and helps them to continue the experience lasting. Both the companies joined hands by thinking that health is not just with the numbers on the scale but an overall active lifestyle which keeps people feel greater confidence and comfort on the way they are. For instance, the Index Smart Scale is not just a weight displaying device but connects over the internet and tracks various key pointers including body fat, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle mass, and water percentage. Garmin has deep expertise in wearable gadgets over a decade, and its vívo activity trackers show greater battery life and a water rating of 50m.

Logan Stout is known for various roles in the life including entrepreneur, philanthropist, leadership trainer, best-selling author, business owner, and keynote speaker. He is known for excellent leadership skills and entrepreneurial insights with a deep focus on the future. Stout’s love to baseball is a known fact, and he started his career as an Assistant Baseball Coach at Dallas Baptist University.

He was also the founder of Dallas Patriots Inc., a baseball organization for graduates, and Premier Baseball Academy, a baseball academy in Plano and Frisco. Stout completed his graduation in Psychology from The University of Dallas, and he is also the founder of which deals with personal and professional development coaching, leadership training, mentoring, and more.



Why George Soros has been the Subject of Conspiracy Theories Despite his Enthusiasm for Philanthropy

After Donald Trump had won the 2016 US presidential elections, hundreds of people in pink hats protested his negligence of women’s rights. Conspiracy theorists suggested that George Soros, a Hungarian high net-worth individual and hedge fund manager, financed the protesters. These claims are false since, despite his funding for political campaigns, Soros is not affiliated with any political groups. His donations represent his love for philanthropy.

At 86 years old, George Soros is known for earning his wealth from the hedge fund industry. In the early 90s, he managed to bag over $1 billion after his prediction on the strength of the British Pound came into reality. He predicted that the Pound would be the key currency in the monetary system of England. Learn more about his profile at


With a net-worth of $25 billion, Soros has been discussed by conspiracy theorists regarding how he spends his cash. In 2004, his name was on news outlets after he provided financial support to political groups that were against the reelection bid of President George Bush. He was also criticized for being against the Iraq war after he spoke about the war.

According to the spokesperson for the Soros Fund Management, an institution founded by George Soros, conspiracy theories about Soros began after he opposed U.S. involvement in the Iraq war. To avoid the critics, Soros has been focused on donating money to Democratic reform organizations across the globe.

George Soros has been compared to the Koch brothers who support Republican party candidates and campaigns by donating billions of dollars. European countries have also tried to stand against his donations. For instance, the president of Hungary passed a law that would lead to the closure of a university founded by Soros. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.


As one of the most prolific philanthropists, George Soros has spent over $1.2 billion on charitable endeavors. His money targets organizations and individuals from different parts of the world, fighting for accountable government, transparency, and freedom of expression. He also used his wealth to create Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic network of projects, foundations, and partners, with a presence in over 100 countries. Open Society’s name is derived from Soros’s philanthropic philosophy of empowering the society.

Open Society Foundations

Despite the criticism, Soros is committed to social justice through his support for Open Society Foundations. According to recent posts published on the organization’s website, through Soros’s financial support, Open Society has spent over $1.6 billion. The money was used in fostering democratic development in the Eastern Europe region.

Soros is among the people who fled Hungary when the Nazi were in control of the country. He has used his wealth to foster capitalism in countries that were part of the former Soviet Union. Through Open Society, Soros advocates for democratic governance, criminal justice, and immigration in the U.S.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Frontera Fund Helps People With Civil Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin support civil rights in a way that most people do. They want people to have them but what sets them apart is the fact that they fight for civil rights so that people will be able to have them even in situations where they previously had no chance at being able to make the right type of decisions.

Larkin and Lacey do what they can to help people get everything that they need with their civil rights. They see that people are struggling and they push to make sure that people can get what they need out of different situations. This is something that they have always done and something that they will continue to do

. Their Frontera Fund is just one of the many ways that they can help people find out more information on civil rights and even be able to hold their own in a court concerning civil rights.

Despite the fact that Larkin and Lacey started out as just reporters, they have now grown themselves into something that is so much more than that. In fact, they consider themselves activists in that they like to help people out with the problems that they have. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

They want people to be able to enjoy their lives and this means that they need to do different things to make it happen.

Larkin and Lacey did a lot with civil rights but they also chose to report on things that were corrupt. One such thing was their very own sheriff’s office. The office was doing things that were illegal and Larkin and Mike Lacey wanted to stop it. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

They wanted people to be able to see what the sheriff was doing and the decided that they would report on it so that people would know what they needed to be able to do with it. For Larkin and Lacey, this was what set the ball in motion and what made it difficult for them to be able to get what they needed.

They were then arrested for reporting the sheriff’s office. The office did not like that and they arrested them. While they were hoping to charge Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, they were not able to because they fought it.

It would not hold up in court and the sheriff’s office lost the fight that they were trying to get Larkin and Lacey with. The men not only won the court case but they also sued the sheriff’s office which really gave them what they needed to start the Frontera Fund.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Work Life And Awards He Has Received

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a prominent Brazilian businessman who was born in 1972. The entrepreneur has a great work ethic. Below is information about Melzer’s work history, awards and personal life.

Career And Education

According to Dino, the businessman is currently the president and chairman of RBS Group. He has held the position since the start of 2016 and he succeeded Nelson Sirotsky. He has been with the company since 2004, which is when he started in the position of Director General. In 2008, he took over as the Vice President of market & business development. It was in 2012 when he became the CEO of the company. It was in 2016 when he became the chairman of the RBS Group.

As for education, he has attended well-known universities. These universities include Harvard in the United States and Pontifical Catholic in Rio Grande do Sul. He currently holds an MBA, which he earned from Harvard.


He has been the recipient of numerous awards. Some of these include the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Entrepreneur Communication Award of the year and the Merit Award in Management. These are only a few the awards he has received throughout the years.

Personal Life

Melzer is happily married and he and his wife have three kids. Besides spending time with his family and working, he does take the time to do the things he loves. One of his passions is sports and he has participated in numerous sports, but his favorite sport is racing.

Melzer is hard working, a good family man and is a great person to do business with. Anybody who has the opportunity to work with him or his company should do it.

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Brian Torchin, Healer and Entrepreneur

Dr. Brian Torchin trained as a chiropractor. In his practice, he helped people move better and have more complete lives. However, he wanted to do more. As president of HCRC Staffing, Torchin is a recruiter extraordinaire. Brian Bonar takes pride in placing the right candidate in the right position, whether it’s a dental, nursing or chiropractic opening.

Business Savvy and Client Service

Prior to becoming president of HCRC, Brian Torchin had plenty of experience in opening and managing medical offices. He used it to become a leader in the world of healthcare recruiting. In recent years, he has worked in Pennsylvania, Florida and Delaware. He is known for forging and nurturing good working relationships with clients.

According to Glassdoor, as technology has evolved, Brian Torchin’s recruiting tactics have adapted. His Facebook and Twitter accounts are frequently updated with new listings for medical jobs in a variety of locations. His communications are short and direct. Torchin is not one for wasting time or beating around the bush. He’s a man of action who solves problems for a living.

Ultimately, Brian Torchin knows that he is helping connect patients with proper medical care. Although he is no longer hands-on as a chiropractor, he knows that he still makes a big difference in patients’ lives.

All About Healthcare Recruitment Counselors

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, HCRC Staffing operates in all 50 US States and overseas. Clients of the company include hospitals, clinics and private practices.

HCRC keeps a database of currently licensed medical professionals. Whether you need a nurse practitioner, physician assistant or podiatrist, HCRC can help.

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Trying Wen By Chaz For The First Time

Wen conditioning cleanser is an all-in-one conditioning cleanser that women around the world have raved about. Wen is a Sephora endorsed hair cleanser that sets itself apart from the rest of the shampoos and conditioners on the market. Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen conditioning cleanser, and his goal was to create a cleanser that was truly beneficial to a woman’s hair. Women use shampoos and conditioners in order to make their hair soft and malleable. Some shampoos and conditioners are made with added chemicals and sulfates that can strip a woman’s hair of needed nutrients and oils. Dean wanted to completely avoid this process by creating a natural product that fed a woman’s hair.

Dean had a lot of trial and error until he was able to make Wen conditioning cleanser. Dean started to use Wen conditioning cleanser on his clients. His client’s absolutely loved the product, and he decided that he was going to present Wen conditioning cleanser to the rest of the world. Wen conditioning cleanser is truly unique because it can be used on any type of hair, and it is a product that is affordable as well.

Emily McClure from The Bustle wanted to try Wen out for herself. She decided to do a seven day trial on the Amazon sold product to see if Wen By Chaz would work well on her naturally fine hair. On the first day of using the product, McClure was very happy with the way her hair felt. It was full of body and very shiny. On the second and third day using the cleanser, McClure had similar results. After a few days, McClure felt like the product left her hair feeling weighed down if it was not consistently washed out. Overall, McClure does feel like Wen conditioning cleanser is a haircare product that she is going to add to her regiment occasionally. It made her hair feel great, and it also was very easy to use.


Securus prevents crime through lower recidivism

Securus Technologies is the nation’s premier provider of inmate communication services. Since its inception, Securus has been providing the nation’s inmates with quality communication services at the lowest possible rate. One of the things that Securus is most proud of is its ability to keep inmates in touch with their families, allowing them to maintain a normal social life and not to become engulfed by the toxic environment present in so many of the nation’s prisons.


One of Securus’ most innovative technologies has been its video visitation platform. Prior to the advent of video visitation, the family members of prisoners were often forced to travel hundreds of miles to see their loved ones in person. This often cost the families hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Especially for families with small children, the cost of meals on the road, hotel rooms and the indignities of enduring the procedures necessary to keep prison visitation areas safe all conspired to make in-person visitations a hardship for families who wished to visit their loved ones in prison.


Securus, harnessing its VoIP-based telephone technology, developed and rolled out the nation’s first viable video visitation system. It caught on like wildfire. Today, Securus’ video visitation technology can be seen in a huge percentage of the nation’s prisons. Millions of family members are now able to visit regularly with their loved ones, something that was impossible even 10 years ago.


But the real benefit of such easy contact between prisoners and their families is that of maintaining normal socialization between the prisoners and law-abiding members of society. All too often, prisoners would only interact with other career criminals. Over a period of years or decades, this almost invariably leads to a process that many penologists refer to as institutionalization. This is widely recognized as one of the greatest risk factors for recidivism, and its elimination is a key goal in the reduction of the nation’s criminal population.