Man’s best friend reaps benefits of Beneful Grain Free dog food


Man’s best friend reaps benefits of Beneful Grain Free dog food

Beneful has a new product on the market, Beneful Grain Free dog food. With Beneful Grain Free, the popular dog food brand achieves a healthy food for man’s best friend, while maintaining the great taste Beneful is known for. Beneful Grain Free dog food has a crunchy texture and includes 23 vital minerals and vitamins key to keeping your dog healthy.

Be selective about what your dog is eating. Looking at the ingredients on your dog food bag is one of the best ways to be sure they are getting fruits, vegetables and farm raised meats. One look at the Beneful Grain Free bag shows farm raised chicken to be the most used ingredient; blueberries, pumpkin and spinach round out the ingredient list, which has no trace of corn or other grains.

Plenty of coupons are available for Beneful Grain Free dog food. You can find coupons available via Beneful’s website, online coupon sites, and your Sunday paper. Mobile rebate apps like Ibotta also periodically offer $2-$3 discounts for Beneful products, including Beneful Grain Free dog food.

Beneful Grain Free dog food is made in the United States by Purina, guaranteeing your dogs will be eating the very best dog food available.

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