Individuals Gather At Orange Coast College As The Corpse Flower Prepares To Bloom


Individuals Gather At Orange Coast College As The Corpse Flower Prepares To Bloom

Orange Coast College is waiting for a rare and smelly flower to bloom. This week massive groups of admirers are expected to flock to the school to witness the corpse-like scent of the flower. The technical name of the plant is the Amorphophallus titanium and it will be on display in the administration building. The school nicknamed the plant Little Dougie and it first appeared in 2006. The plant is nearly five feet tall and weighs more than thirty pounds although some of these plants reach 200 pounds.


The Little Dougie comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and the odor is caused by beetles crawling into the plant to pollinate. The pollen is then moved from the male flowers to the females. The flowers are pollinated by hand at the college. The odor is intense and lasts for four or five hours. When the flower opens it has magenta petals that resemble a skirt surrounding the plant with the usual time for the bloom being in the evening. It takes approximately ten years for the plant to bloom for the first time and it lasts for one or two days. The plant then blooms every three to five years. More than 1,000 guests visited the college in 2014 to see the eleven year old flower bloom.


Orange Coast College is set on 164 acres in Costa Mesa and is only a few minutes from the beaches in Southern California. Since the college opened for classes in 1948 they have become one of the finest and largest colleges in the nation. Every semester the college hosts 25,000 students. Orange Coast College is known for their technology and exceptional facilities. Their nautical program is one of the most publicly acclaimed programs as well as one of the largest. The program in Career and Technical Education is attended by almost half the students at the college.


Based on the number of students who receive transfers to the California State University systems, Orange Coast College is one of the higher ranking community colleges. Many students additionally transfer to private universities and colleges all over the nation.


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