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How Fabletics is Taking Over the E-commerce Market

By digging shallowly on the internet, you will realize that yoga pants have become a popular trend. Across the globe, most youths are more than willing to trade in their jeans for a pair of yoga pants. Kate Hudson is among the few entrepreneurs who spotted an opportunity from the trend and ought to turn it into a business venture.


Kate Hudson is an iconic Hollywood actress. Kate partnered with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013 to establish Fabletics. Kate is known for her inspiration. She dedicated her life to motivate and encourage women in her society to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


Fabletics is an online active wear store specializing on women outfits. Currently, survival in the e-commerce business has proven difficult since the likes of Amazon have continued to own the largest share of the market scaring away the newbies. However, for Kate, this was a challenge that she was ready to conquer. On observing the market, Kate realized that customers were not receiving enough of what they were paying. Therefore, Kate made it her goal to provide customers with their favorite items at pocket-friendly prices.


Fabletics is a subscription-based store where members sign-up and access items at subsidized prices. Registered members are given priority to access new releases in the store as well as make orders at their own convenience. Through a unique way of operation, Kate’s brand has continued to win the e-commerce business and remain a threat to the likes of Amazon due to its incredible growth rate.


Also, Fabletics utilizes the reverse showroom technique. This particular technic that has enabled it beat out Amazon prices. Kate understands that the internet can be a great source of information. Therefore, Kate’s brand ensures that they monitor the online searches in the fashion category so as to make sure that they store most of the customer’s taste at a welcoming price. Besides, as opposed to other stores, Fabletics encourages window shopping as it promotes the understanding of customer’s tastes and style.


According to Kate, taking on the e-commerce business is a significant milestone in her career. The fact that she managed to grow Fabletics to a $250 million business in only three years has proven that she is passionate in her career. Kate emphasizes that her brand’s excellent services and the great customer experience have both contributed to the brand gaining recognition in the US and across the world. Also, together with her partners, Kate intends to open up more physical stores across the US to reach more customers.


Brown Modeling Agency Rising Even Higher

Full-service talent agency, Brown Modeling Agency, represents actors and models in several areas including print, runway, commercials, television, film, industrial videos, promotional and corporate events.

Brown Agency fashion models have shown their talents on the runways at New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion week, Miami Swim Week as well as a large amount of other shows. President of Brown Agency believes the agency is only as good as their talent. The agency prides itself in delivering the most professional, beautiful, talented, and dependable talent.

In the spring of 2010, Brown Modeling agency brought their modeling and commercial talents to Central Texas. Since then, The Brown Agency has become the industry leader for fashion and print models in the greater Austin, Texas area. Part of the well known The Brown Agency Family, The Brown Agency has been able to establish big market standards and likelihood that Austin, Texas had never seen.

Austin’s Justin Brown worked his way through college by modeling and working for a modeling agency. While studying business management, Brown became more attentive to what was going on behind the scenes. Eventually, Brown landed in the “development and placement” sub-field following his placement in other agency jobs. He trained models to be professionals. He would then find work for them or assisted them in graduating to the big time.

At Austin’s Brown Agency, the love child of his preceding talent and modeling group, Wilhelmina Brown, Austin is in a way, still doing the same thing. Austin and his staff of seven groom the blossoming careers of more than 450 models and talents.

Born in Reno, Nev., and growing up in Susanville, Calif., Brown was a shy child who played by the rules. As soon as he turned 18, Brown moved to southern California. Once in the modeling business, he moved from one California firm to another, learning the tricks of the trade.

“We made sure they looked right, got the right photos and introduced them to the largest agencies in the world,” Brown says. “We probably placed 20 to 30 percent of the talent, which is high for that industry.” At the ripe age of 21, this percentage isn’t too bad.

Justin Brown moved to Austin in 2005. He connected with Austin and felt that he could do what he loved to do in the city where he loved. Austin was big not too big. There was some talent industry in Austin, Texas at the time and Brown felt that Austin was where he could leave his mark. Brown was quoted saying, “This is the exciting part of being in Austin now, Austin is taking off.” There are only bigger and better things to come for the Brown Agency. You can follow their Instagram page