Penelope Kokkinides and Her Meeting With Donald Trump That Would Address Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Situation


Penelope Kokkinides and Her Meeting With Donald Trump That Would Address Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Situation

Two heads are often better than one. More quality leadership in a company means more progress, more ideas and more fantastic solutions that can strengthen any company. In the case with the leadership that Innovacare, Inc. has, the company is going forward and sustaining its success because of the right collaborative leadership between Rick Shinto, the CEO, and Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).


InnovaCare Health is today’s most promising and fast-growing provider of Medicare Advantage plans for people in Puerto Rico. It is also the company responsible for giving out practical physician practice services that are both valuable and cost-effective. The company is also a leading provider of healthcare operations in North America, with its members almost compromising beyond 200,000 clients already. The healthcare products that the company offers are consistently being patronized by clients today because they’re long-lasting, affordable and have used up the most quality technological advancements available in the market. Truly, the appointment of the two leaders at InnovaCare has stabilized and sustained this leading reputation of the firm in North America’s healthcare provider industry.


Kokkinides has been part of InnovaCare since 2015, and she already had built an outstanding career as the Chief Operating Officer at Innovare. Her work experience at Aveta Inc is also a fantastic move that brought on some of the most outstanding developments in the company. Her role at Aveta as its Chief Operating Officer has also been a formative training experience for her to run InnovaCare’s leadership. It also helps that she already has about 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector today, with her work already strengthening various government programs.


Kokkinides has also recently met up with President Donald Trump. Her meeting may be a constructive opportunity to make sure that the President could offer his utmost help in her plans for improving Puerto Rico’s healthcare system. The meeting was held at a roundtable discussion last 22 March 2018 at the Roosevelt Room of the West Wing.


One of the plans that Kokkinides shared in the meeting would address the tax cuts that Puerto Rico has been experiencing lately, and how the current administration should find ways to improve the condition. She also highlighted the importance of increased Medicare funding in Puerto Rico and how such move would be the most fiscally responsible move to employ. Without such government intervention for the country’s healthcare situation, many people may be forced to leave the island to seek opportunities in the United States, where their medical costs could be higher.


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