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Freedom Checks’ Distribution Process

The decision to invest is not an easy task as it sounds because one has to make a thorough analysis of both previous and current trends of investment to identify the potential reward and possible risk. Therefore, for a wise investment consideration should be done on both possible risk and gains that will accrue from the investment. Freedom Checks is a safer form investment that was introduced in the corporate world by Matt Badiali who has the largest holding that is worth $114, 287. Also, they are income tax-free since the government views them as a return of capital.

Freedom checks were written off by most people because they had no clear understanding about them and their legitimacy was also questionable among the average people. Also, they were not familiar to Matt as well as they wanted to verify his qualification to speak on Freedom checks. They differ from other scams because they are a form of investment. Although, this was the primary cause for many people losing interest to acquire Checks for their own since they were unaware before that for a capital gain they had to invest.

The process involved in distribution of these Freedom checks is not unique in any way; therefore, gathering returns is done the same as it is practiced in other investment. They can be mailed to an individual’s house, and then followed by payment via an individual’s bank account, and it can also be through one’s broker.

Matt Badiali is a senior financial analyst who played a major in the development of powerful program used in Investment. He schooled in the University of Penn State where he was awarded a degree in Bachelor of Science, and he proceeded with his master studies in the field of Geology at the University of Florida Atlantic. While pursuing his training in the geologist, he got the opportunity to interact and interrogate the CEO’s thus acquiring Investment knowledge straightly from the source. Also, in line the line of duty he had a golden chance to tour all over the world while inspecting and approving the legitimacy of the mines and wells.


Rocketship Education’s Schools Are A Great Alternative

Rocketship Education serves underserved populations of children in the San Jose area. Most of the kids speak a first language other than English. This is not surprising, considering the fact that urban areas are known for large concentrations of immigrants. Also, most children fit the criteria for receiving free lunch. This is not surprising, considering the fact that urban areas are also known for large populations of poor people.

Rocketship Education is very cognizant of the situations that lower income children face, as well as their unique needs. This shows in the way that they form their curriculums. Rocketship Education is one of many charter school systems in America that have sprung up due to the fact that children in high-risk neighborhoods and situations have been neglected. Charter schools serve as alternative options where different teaching methods are tried and tested. Many times, charter schools are better than regular, non-charter public schools. Many charter schools have amazing curriculums that are different from regular public schools and more stimulating. For example, in some schools, Chinese is taught to young children. The curriculums that are taught in charter schools are, many times, a lot better than public schools in higher-income, suburban neighborhoods.

The traditional public school system doesn’t come straight out and say, “Oh, we’re not doing good enough job, but we don’t care,” or “Too many of us have a hand in the current, flawed system to really change things for the interests of the students,” or “We don’t care about poor children and minorities.” However, the traditional public school system implies these things by not doing a good job and standing by as children receive subpar educations and fall behind their counterparts in other countries. Children all over the country face this problem—even those who live in higher income and lower crime areas. However, minorities and lower income people suffer from this problem more than anyone. Charter schools like Rocketship Education’s schools remedy this problem by providing helpful alternatives.


Southridge Capital Discusses New Trends in Finance

A number of people have recently heard about cryptocurrencies. A number of institutions such as banks, governments and companies have realized that this type of currency is one of the most important in the field of finance. One American senator has said that virtual currencies such as cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have made a significant impact on many people. These currencies have enhanced people’s imagination, initiated fear or have confused a number of them. Today, a number of organizations are looking to take advantage of the many benefits of cryptocurrencies. Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have emerged in the financial markets unexpectedly. Nobody believed that they would surface and become one of the most valuable types of currencies in the world. Financial services firms such as Southridge Capital have been able to help companies capitalize on this new type of currency.


Southridge Capital is very aware of cryptocurrencies as it regularly helps finance companies. The firm evaluates these currencies whenever a client company is looking to either merge or issue an initial public offering or list their stock. With a very knowledgeable and skilled executive team, Southridge has a very good understanding of the markets and how to benefit from them. On a regular basis, the firm creates and executes financial plans that will enable clients to reach their various goals such as raising capital, reducing debt and completing mergers and acquisitions. The firm was founded in 1996 and has invested in about $1.8 billion into various companies around the world.


Stephen Hicks is the chief executive officer, founder and principal of the firm known as Southridge Capital. He is responsible for setting up the strategic direction of the firm and how it works with clients. Hicks is in charge of ensuring that the firm reaches its goals in terms of business development as well as executing its strategies. Stephen founded the firm in the mid 1990’s after working in the finance industry for many years. With over 30 years of experience, Stephen Hicks has expertise in a number of things such as financial structuring, investment banking, arbitrage and derivatives. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Hicks got the idea for Southridge Capital while he was working for a small New York hedge fund. The principal of this firm looked to return to Australia. As a result, Hicks looked to start up his own firm while still working for the hedge fund firm. On a typical day, Stephen Hicks reviews portfolios and makes a list of things that he and his staff are looking to accomplish for the day. During the rest of the day, Hicks looks for new opportunities as well as making sure that investment plans are progressing as planned.



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Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed: New book by Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci, a prominent real estate investor, has written a book. The book, which is found on Amazon is entitled ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.’ The book is an inspiration document that addresses the need for doing away with the fear of failure. Nick created this book after looking back at the journey he had taken before he succeeded as an investor. His journey was full of challenges and struggles which slowed down his success.

The first business that Nick Vertucci started was in the technology sector. However, this business collapsed in 2000, during the dot-com crash. He lost everything he had and was even at the point of losing his house. After the major setback he suffered, he decided that he would start building his life again. He had to reinvent himself so that he could recover from the challenges he faced after the crash of his business.

Nick Vertucci started his journey in the real estate sector with nothing. However, he has passion and zeal to succeed. Nick has incorporated all details about his struggles and challenges in his new book. His journey to success is one full of twist and turns, but he never gave up. He maintained the focus despite suffering losses. In fact, his life started from rags to riches then back to rags before going back to riches. The lessons Nick Vertucci has learned in the process should inspire everyone who has doubts about his abilities to succeed.

Nick Vertucci’s experience is the best, especially for new investors. It will show them that sometimes it is never easy to make a breakthrough. You must endure the pain of losses before anything good comes out of it. He has gone through failure and now success. His journey should be an inspiration that no matter the challenges you meet in the process of searching for success, giving up should never be an option.


What are Freedom Checks

Some people are wondering what Freedom Checks are. These are checks that people can get on a quarterly or monthly basis. These are checks from the Master Limited Partnerships. Freedom Checks come in many amounts and the initial investment is as low as $10.

When people invest in a Master Limited Partnership they are investing in a tax free capital gains. The taxes on the gains received from the Freedom Checks investments are taxed at the end when the investor sells the shares.

Master Limited Partnerships are required by law to distribute 90% of their profits to their stakeholders. They are also required by law to receive 90% of their revenue from the transportation, processing, and production of natural resources.

Matt Badiali introduced the world to Freedom Checks via a video. In this video he made the implication that these checks were free from investment as well. However, this is not the deal. There is a small investment to be made. The larger the investments the larger the check.

In 1987 Congress passed the statue 26-F. This enabled companies to begin forming Master Limited Partnerships. These Master Limited Partnerships offer the same tax benefits as any other partnership. However, they have the advantage of a publicly traded company. Being a publicly traded company means that they will have the assets of the other publicly traded companies.

These assets mean that there will be more money to put in the form of checks on a monthly or quarterly basis for their investors. Having an extraordinary amount of revenue and needing to pass out 90% of the profits to its shareholders means more money for the shareholders.

There is a small risk with Freedom Checks. This investment is no more risky than any other investment. However, the gains are much more substantial than most other investments. Whichever, you choose you can still get in the ground floor with these checks.

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