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ClassDojo: Creating an App to Improve Critical and Ethical Thinking

ClassDojo is an educational software program developer which is known for creating computer programs that are marketed to students and school organizations. Recently, they partnered with Ad Astra, a private school owned by billionaire Elon Musk, and they developed a set of conundrums that are designed to be solved by the elementary and middle-school students. It challenges the students’ minds, and practicing it to become more adept at critical thinking. The questions involved in each conundrum are seen by those who have already used the program as something that the students won’t encounter in a common school curriculum.

According to ClassDojo, they created the software program to practice the children who will be encountering such questions when they get older. It is better to practice them while they are still young so that the retention of information would be more effective. The students who have been taking the conundrums are projected to have their critical thinking skills improved through the series of conundrums presented in the software program. The official copy of the software program is yet to be released, and ClassDojo is expecting that the students and teachers of Ad Astria will be able to use it by fall.

Each conundrum that shows up in the software program challenges the ability of the students to think critically and ethically. There is a lot of questions that would challenge how they would decide for themselves and the characters involved in each question. According to ClassDojo, the open-ended nature of the questions within the program would allow the students to discuss the results that they constructed with their classmates, and it would encourage them to engage in a conversation that allows them to be more objective, while at the same time defending their answers. It also becomes an avenue for them to develop their skills in debating.

ClassDojo stated that the conundrums are one of the first programs that they are planning to create which has the end goal of training the students on how they can improve their skills. They also said that more similar looking applications are being developed by the company, which will be released later on. Find out more about ClassDOjo:


Madison Street Capital is Setting Up Shop in Austin

Austin, Texas is quickly gaining a reputation for being a city that has a friendly business atmosphere. Some of the largest corporations in America such as Dell started in Austin, and Google and Dropbox have a significant presence within this city.


Madison Street Capital will soon be one of the companies that is making a move into the Austin area. This August, Madison Street Capital announced that it was going to open up a branch of operations within Austin. As of yet, the company has not chosen a specific address of location. However, the firm is exploring locations, and Madison Street Capital expects to be in the Austin location and conducting business from there sometime in early 2019.


The CEO of Madison Street Capital Mr. Charles Botchway stated that his firm was attracted to Austin because the city is becoming a technology hub. Mr. Botchway wants his team of experts to be on the ground to provide financial assistance to those in the burgeoning Austin area.


Madison Street Capital is a major investment banking firm with an international presence. This firm has expertise in a number of areas. One of the firm’s major areas of activity is helping companies who are engaged in the merger and acquisition process. Madison Street Capital also helps companies with corporate valuation services, and they assist companies that are going through the bankruptcy process.


In addition to these activities, Madison Street Capital offers investment advisory services to its clients. Madison Street Capital has on its staff a number of experts who offer both investment buying and selling recommendations so that clients are best able to balance their portfolios.


Madison Street Capital has received recognition numerous times for its outstanding work in the mergers and acquisitions area. In 2017, the firm was recognized at the International M&A Awards with the M&A Deal of the Year Award.


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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Won’t Forget Sheriff Joe- And They Don’t Want You to, Either

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were journalists in Arizona who were trying to expose the racial discrimination of the Maricopa County sheriffs department. The two men, who co-owned media outlet Village Voice, were trying to use the power of the press to make sure that the various, institutionalized violations of civil and even human rights by Maricopa sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies in the department.

By exposing him in the press, Larkin and Lacey were hoping enough attention would be given to Arpaio to get something done about him and his deputies.

The only person paying close enough attention to Larkin and Lacey’s efforts was Arpaio himself. He wanted to silence the two by putting them in prison, where he felt they would be ignored by the American people. Arpaio formed a Grand Jury in secret, without probable cause, to investigate the two journalists in an attempt to find a reason to lock them away.

Larkin and Lacey discovered the Grand Jury, though they did not discover why it was formed. They ran a story about Arpaio’s secret use of taxpayer funds, adding it to the pile of stories they’d already published on Arpaio.

Arpaio saw this particular story as his chance to deal with Larkin and Lacey. He ordered them arrested on charges of interfering with a Grand Jury investigation, resulting in both men being arrested at their respective homes on October 18th, 2007, right around dinner time.

Larkin and Lacey sat in jail for 24 days before being freed on a judges order, with the charges against them being thrown out and Arpaio’s secret Grand Jury being disbanded in the process. Larkin and Lacey sued the county and were victorious, turning their settlement money into Frontera Fund, which protects the civil rights of Americans, particularly the Latino community. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Larkin and Lacey continue on as journalists today, running a normal media business but also focused on Arpaio and his current activities as a candidate for the U.S. Senate representing Arizona.

Arpaio began this campaign after his failed 2016 bid for a seventh term as sheriff in Maricopa County. After this loss, Arpaio was found guilty of charges brought against him. He was pardoned by President Donald Trump and then began his Senate campaign.

Larkin and Lacey make sure to fact-check and expose Arpaio’s campaign trail propaganda that portrays him as innocent of all wrongdoings he has accused of.


CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Kokkinides Bring Improved Medicaid Advantage Plans Through Innovacare Health

Innovacare, Inc. is known as a leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico, with a membership base of nearly 200,000 and 7,500 providers throughout the island. They pride themselves on innovation, quality care, and a cost-effective mode of operation. CEO Rick Shinto, as well as CAO Penelope Kokkinides, both work to assure that the Innovocare programs run smoothly and efficiently. With both of them at the helm, it seems that the company is doing quite well and will continue to do so.


Rick Shinto is currently CEO of Innnovocare Health, but from 2008 until 2012, he was the President and CEO of Aveta, Inc, until its sale. Before that, he was the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. He began his medical career as an internist and pulmonologist that practiced in Southern California. Shinto won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012 because of his commitment to excellence at Aveta, but also for his charitable efforts in the community. Check out for more.



Penelope Kokkinides is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovocare and has over 20 years of experience in health care, in particular, government programs. Prior to joining Innovocare in 2015, Kokkinides served as Executive Vice President for Centerlight Healthcare, and she was involved in the strategic direction of their managed care division. She has a bachelor’s degree in Classical Languages and biological sciences from Binghamton University, a Social Work master’s degree from NYU and a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University. Check out



Innovocare is a unique company because it uses innovative provider network models to assist clients. The company was part of a “case studies in excellence” study by CAPG because of the company’s commitment to quality healthcare. They focus on sustainable models of healthcare provision that can continue and grow over the years and decades and also have two Medicaid plans within the umbrella of the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico, which are broad-benefit coverage policies that focus on high levels of coordination with other entities. Innovocare received Commendable Accreditation from the National Committee of Quality Assurance, the first and only provider in Puerto Rico to be given such an honor. The company is known by many to contribute to a better quality of life for its clients, and contributes to a higher mortality rate in Puerto Rico.


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Paul Mampilly- Showing Others How To Create Wealth.

Paul Mampilly is an investor who has a passion for the work he does. He loves making predictions on the directions that certain industries will take. He is known for his love for technology stocks and small-cap stocks. Mampilly loves sharing information about investments with his followers through the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. His main objective in recent days has been to bring correct information about investments closer to the people. During the time he has been in the investment industry, many people have benefited from his experience in terms of the lessons he shares with his followers.

Paul Mampilly is dedicated to one cause only, which is to see the average American make progress in terms of financial growth. The experience that Paul Mampilly has in the best investment industry is enough to show the inexperienced how to make wise investment decisions. People who have followed the journey taken by Paul know that he is one of the best investor in the world today. He has made achievements that very few people can match up to. In a span of two decades, he had moved from the bottom of the financial industry to the top. He started his career as an assistant portfolio manager and went all the way up to becoming a hedge fund manager.

Paul Mampilly has also made achievements that showed he was the best in the Wall Street while he was working there. In 2009, he won the Templeton Foundation Award that is given to the best trader in the Wall Street. The competition was held during the global financial crisis of 2008, but that did not prevent him from making a significant contribution and proving that he was the best in the Wall Street. He managed to win the competition after returning 76 percent of the initial investment.

The success of Paul Mampilly as an investor is something to be proud of. He has managed to help many followers to make wise decisions which have generated wealth. He no longer works in the Wall Street and his focus is on building a network of investors who can generate financial wealth from the stock market.

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How Todd Levine’s Other Interests Help Make Him A Great Attorney

Todd Levine is an attorney who lives in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale region. From 1991 to 2009 he worked for the law firm Kluger Peretz Kaplan & Berlin. In 2009 he and some of the other attorneys there started a new law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. He earned a bachelor’s degree in 1988 from the University of Florida. He attended this university’s Fredric G. Levin College of Law and graduated with his law degree in 1991.

While he is a highly successful attorney Todd Levine is also active outside of the legal sector. He has played guitar since he was 10 years old, for example. He can also play the bass guitar to a lesser degree and has some experience playing the keyboard. He is also highly interested in science and math and follows research in those areas closely.

He says that being involved in music, math, and science has helped him be a better attorney. It enables him to look at things in a different light when it comes to litigating cases. One example of this was when he was representing a client in mediation when the mediator presented some new evidence that the other side had uncovered. At first blush, it appeared this evidence was harmful to Todd Levine’s client.

However, after perusing this new evidence for a few minutes he spotted something in the documents that the other side hadn’t seen despite having the documents for a while. Todd Levine says that the mediator was pretty impressed with quickly he turned the tables on the other side and won the case for his client.