Alex Hern Has His Eyes On New Technology


Alex Hern Has His Eyes On New Technology

The tech industry isn’t running out of innovative startups. Entrepreneurs introduce new software every day, and the market decides which companies are going to survive. Tech veteran Alex Hern has a bold vision for virtual reality. He wants to take VR out of the entertainment world and into business boardrooms. He believes this interactive medium has the potential to change communication in our offices. Alex Hern has an idea with potential, but his experience is going to make this innovation trendsetting.

Alex Hern’s new company Tsunami VR is changing the way people think about virtual reality. He wants to show people virtual reality technology has a place in the business world. He’s targeting professionals in need of remote communication solutions, and he has a long list of potential customers. The benefits of VR tech are easy to understand, but Hern is taking a creative approach to the issue. When you communicate with someone in person, your message contains more than words. The nonverbal signals we give each other have an impact, but that impact is missing when we remotely communicate. Alex Hern wants to bring nonverbal messaging to the interactive medium.

Tsunami VR is offering an alternative to the norms of tech industry. Virtual reality is more than a form of entertainment. We can use VR in practical ways, but the innovation needs to start somewhere. Tsunami VR is in the right position to make a difference. He wants to assimilate VR into our lives the same way mobile devices are part of our daily routine. Investors like the concept behind Tsunami VR, and they’re giving the tech startup the attention it needs. Practical virtual environments are already in use at engineering firms. Alex Hern is trying to add another domain for virtual reality technology, and it seems his plan is working.

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