Sunday Riley’s Unforcasted, Invigorating Announcement


Sunday Riley’s Unforcasted, Invigorating Announcement

Sunday Riley, a Houston Texas based beauty brand, announced that they will be releasing a very limited edition early access beauty kit exclusively available on their expected relaunched website, launching on November 19th. This prominent company is no neophyte, as an abundance of their products closely follow the renowned Sephora best-sellers. Numerous Sunday Riley treatment products are results oriented, aspiring to visibly improving the quality of skin, old spots, discoloration, acne, dehydration, oiliness, dark spots and much more.

One of their most renowned and favorited products is named Good Genes, which is advertised as an all-in-one lactic-acid treatment. This glow promulgating, skin polishing product was a preferred treatment product by skin care adherents. Unfortunately, this considerable product was frantically discontinued as a result of the governance restricting the quantity of allowable lactic acid in skin care products. Following the distraught reaction of the discontinuance, Sunday Riley discreetly articulated a newly developed variant of the previous product. The new product presented glycolic acid, which has been a U.K. exclusive preceding this recent announcement.

Sunday Riley’s recent proclamation stated that they will be introducing the product by limited quality statewide. There will be only 1,000 available kits sold during the initial launch. This kit will not only include the reformulated version of Good Genes, but also two more unpublished products named A+, and C.E.O. Glow. A+ is a “high-dose retinoid serum”, featuring improvements of its best-selling predecessor Luna Sleeping Night Oil. A+ will incorporate botanical ingredients such as Hawaiian white honey, bisabolol, ginger and prickly pear cactus. The C.E.O. Glow will encompass the favorable attributes of its Allure Readers’ Choice Awards winner predecessor, turmeric face oil. C.E.O. Glow will be comprised of THD ascorbate, antioxidants and appeasing vitamin E.

The kit will consist of $230 worth of full sized products, however only costing the opportune patron $185. Those unfortunate enough to not exploit this limited release will be capable of acquiring the A+ product set to launch in early January of 2019, and C.E.O. Glow launching presently after in March of 2019. These kits are expected to sell-out briskly, given that the majority of Sunday Riley’s product launches engender in standby. Follow @sundayrileyskincare on Facebook.


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