Investing In Tax Exempted Companies Gives Higher Return


Investing In Tax Exempted Companies Gives Higher Return

There is much confusing advice going around on how to best save for retirement. Many Americans preparing for the years of old age and retirement put money in 401(k) account. Usually, this isn’t enough in the end but one reckons that state benefits will cover what is lacking. But, the unfortunate reality is that there are many poor retirees in our country. They are not poor because they didn’t try hard enough to save, because we know people are dedicated, smart and know what the future brings. So what happens? The benefits from Social Security are very low and don’t keep up with the changes in prices and costs of living. What was enough twenty years ago is not enough in 2018.

One of the analysts and finance connoisseurs at Banyan Hill and founder of Freedom Checks know something few investors in the country seem to know. You can, actually, get returns from investments while keeping your much needed Social Security benefits. Getting high returns allow investors to retire early if they want to leave the workforce a little earlier than strictly necessary. For those who want to continue working with pleasure, the savings in Freedom Checks can grow while investors work.

The companies that receive investments from partners of Matt Badiali, senior analyst and creator of Freedom Checks, make their profit from the natural resources of country. These companies benefit from a specific tax law from 1987. Companies that get 90 % of their annual revenue from the processing, storing and transportation of natural resources do not pay taxes like other companies are obliged too. Not all of the companies that fulfill this requirement are successful enough to provide great return on their investor’s checks, but Mr. Badiali has high knowledge of which ones that are, and has put this to use through Freedom Checks.

The interesting tax break for companies making the great majority of their profit from natural resources is called Statue-26-F. Around 16 000 companies meet the requirements to legally be exempt from paying federal taxes. Logically, this gives greater returns. This unique tax law comes from Nixon’s presidency, when he decided that it was necessary to create incentives to invest in natural resources, in order to make the US energy independent.

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