OSI Group Purchases Baho Foods


OSI Group Purchases Baho Foods

The OSI Industries recently bought a Dutch company named Baho Foods. This acquisition will add value to the European portfolio of the company. They acquired a controlling stake in the Dutch company.

Baho Foods is a privately owned company that deals in the processing of food items. Their main focus is on meat products. They offer their services for retail and other food service industries. The purchase is still waiting for the merger control deal to be finalized.

Baho Foods is currently operating in the Netherlands and Germany as well. It has five sub-companies named Henri Van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience and Bakx Foods. These companies have over 60 years of experience in food business. They deal in selling convenience foods, snacks, and deli meats. They are currently serving 18 different countries in Europe.

The current CEO and president of OSI Industries named David McDonald recently said that acquiring Baho Foods will add to the company’s Europe business. It will increase the company’s sales and broaden their presence on the Continent. The OSI Industries is based in Illinois.

David McDonald further said that Baho Foods’ products and brand complement OSI greatly. This move will help both the companies. OSI will be able to increase their capabilities to provide even better service to their customers.

It was announced that the staff of Baho Foods would be retained. The current managing director of the company named John Balvers will stay at the company even after the acquisition. He will have a whole management team with him. Mr. Balvers will be working with senior members of OSI Industries. The company’s leaders will have a meeting with Mr. Balvers about his role and come up with new ideas for a better future.

John Balvers said that he is looking forward to working with the OSI Group. He believes that the company has an excellent relationship with its customers and suppliers as well. Baho Foods, after becoming a part of the OSI Industries will be in a better position. The company will be able to serve their customers. This deal will help boost Baho Foods’ growth rate as well.

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