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ClassDojo: Creating an App to Improve Critical and Ethical Thinking

ClassDojo is an educational software program developer which is known for creating computer programs that are marketed to students and school organizations. Recently, they partnered with Ad Astra, a private school owned by billionaire Elon Musk, and they developed a set of conundrums that are designed to be solved by the elementary and middle-school students. It challenges the students’ minds, and practicing it to become more adept at critical thinking. The questions involved in each conundrum are seen by those who have already used the program as something that the students won’t encounter in a common school curriculum.

According to ClassDojo, they created the software program to practice the children who will be encountering such questions when they get older. It is better to practice them while they are still young so that the retention of information would be more effective. The students who have been taking the conundrums are projected to have their critical thinking skills improved through the series of conundrums presented in the software program. The official copy of the software program is yet to be released, and ClassDojo is expecting that the students and teachers of Ad Astria will be able to use it by fall.

Each conundrum that shows up in the software program challenges the ability of the students to think critically and ethically. There is a lot of questions that would challenge how they would decide for themselves and the characters involved in each question. According to ClassDojo, the open-ended nature of the questions within the program would allow the students to discuss the results that they constructed with their classmates, and it would encourage them to engage in a conversation that allows them to be more objective, while at the same time defending their answers. It also becomes an avenue for them to develop their skills in debating.

ClassDojo stated that the conundrums are one of the first programs that they are planning to create which has the end goal of training the students on how they can improve their skills. They also said that more similar looking applications are being developed by the company, which will be released later on. Find out more about ClassDOjo: