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Brian Torchin, Healer and Entrepreneur

Dr. Brian Torchin trained as a chiropractor. In his practice, he helped people move better and have more complete lives. However, he wanted to do more. As president of HCRC Staffing, Torchin is a recruiter extraordinaire. Brian Bonar takes pride in placing the right candidate in the right position, whether it’s a dental, nursing or chiropractic opening.

Business Savvy and Client Service

Prior to becoming president of HCRC, Brian Torchin had plenty of experience in opening and managing medical offices. He used it to become a leader in the world of healthcare recruiting. In recent years, he has worked in Pennsylvania, Florida and Delaware. He is known for forging and nurturing good working relationships with clients.

According to Glassdoor, as technology has evolved, Brian Torchin’s recruiting tactics have adapted. His Facebook and Twitter accounts are frequently updated with new listings for medical jobs in a variety of locations. His communications are short and direct. Torchin is not one for wasting time or beating around the bush. He’s a man of action who solves problems for a living.

Ultimately, Brian Torchin knows that he is helping connect patients with proper medical care. Although he is no longer hands-on as a chiropractor, he knows that he still makes a big difference in patients’ lives.

All About Healthcare Recruitment Counselors

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, HCRC Staffing operates in all 50 US States and overseas. Clients of the company include hospitals, clinics and private practices.

HCRC keeps a database of currently licensed medical professionals. Whether you need a nurse practitioner, physician assistant or podiatrist, HCRC can help.

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