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Rocketship Education’s Schools Are A Great Alternative

Rocketship Education serves underserved populations of children in the San Jose area. Most of the kids speak a first language other than English. This is not surprising, considering the fact that urban areas are known for large concentrations of immigrants. Also, most children fit the criteria for receiving free lunch. This is not surprising, considering the fact that urban areas are also known for large populations of poor people.

Rocketship Education is very cognizant of the situations that lower income children face, as well as their unique needs. This shows in the way that they form their curriculums. Rocketship Education is one of many charter school systems in America that have sprung up due to the fact that children in high-risk neighborhoods and situations have been neglected. Charter schools serve as alternative options where different teaching methods are tried and tested. Many times, charter schools are better than regular, non-charter public schools. Many charter schools have amazing curriculums that are different from regular public schools and more stimulating. For example, in some schools, Chinese is taught to young children. The curriculums that are taught in charter schools are, many times, a lot better than public schools in higher-income, suburban neighborhoods.

The traditional public school system doesn’t come straight out and say, “Oh, we’re not doing good enough job, but we don’t care,” or “Too many of us have a hand in the current, flawed system to really change things for the interests of the students,” or “We don’t care about poor children and minorities.” However, the traditional public school system implies these things by not doing a good job and standing by as children receive subpar educations and fall behind their counterparts in other countries. Children all over the country face this problem—even those who live in higher income and lower crime areas. However, minorities and lower income people suffer from this problem more than anyone. Charter schools like Rocketship Education’s schools remedy this problem by providing helpful alternatives.