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Ted Bauman Life as an Editor

People want to live a good life all the time. However, for many, this has only been a dream. Getting working opportunities that pay well in the market at the moment is quite challenging. When people acquire money, they have to deal with the high cost of living, and this means that most of them cannot save money or even live luxurious lives. Ted Bauman is an executive who has been helping people to connect with excellent resources so that they can enjoy their financial freedom. The finance expert has been writing and encouraging people to take on investment opportunities that are safe and profitable in the market that has become so tight and unpredictable.

Ted Bauman went away from his home country when he was still a university student. Here’s How The Bull Market Dies. He lived in South Africa in this point in his life, and he had to study in one of the universities based in Cape Town. In the two decades he lived in South Africa, Ted Bauman worked for several companies and charity initiatives, and he learnt so much. One of the most exciting positions he held was a fund manager for one of the NGOs that were dealing with low housing projects. People who could not afford houses top live in benefited from the services that were offered by Ted Bauman and his companies. While still in South Africa, the businessman managed to consult in matters concerning international governments, and this gave him so much knowledge in immigration and border problems. Although the businessman had a very good time in South Africa, he moved back to the United States where he joined Banyan Hill Publications.

Banyan Hill Publications gave Ted Bauman the platform he needed to transform the lives of immigrants and investors in all regions of the globe. His newsletters have been trending since the first day he started writing them. His skills in finance and international activities have set in apart from all the other professionals in the market. The businessman started his family when he went back to his country, and he has raised his daughter well even though he has a very busy career life.

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Waiakea Water – A Volcanic Achievement

The premise of the article champions Waiakea Water’s health benefits, sustainability and its charitable contributions. The bottled water market is crowded and lucrative. Globally, it is estimated at a $100 billion industry, and although brands promote eco-consciously, Waiakea Water succeeds in standing out. Since 2012, they have filtered their water through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, providing the basis for taste and purity. Plus, drinking hawaiian volcanic water sounds cool, right? Purified water has a pH of around 7, whereas the Waiakea Water pH level is 8.8, enriched with minerals and electrolytes. The porous volcanic rock provides natural alkaline, the benefits of which include lowering acid reflux and even premature aging.

In 2018, Waiakea Water developed the world’s first fully degradable bottle, created entirely by 100% recyclable plastic. Over 8 million tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans every year, the bulk of which takes over 1,000 years to decompose. Waiakea Water’s process decreases it to a mere 15 years! This is staggering, drastically improving recyclability at over 300%, and should be the brand’s crowning achievement. For every liter they sell, Waiakea Water donates a weeks worth of water to those in need. This has resulted in over 500 million liters so far. Furthermore, they portion a percentage of profit to go towards community charities and nonprofit outlets. They are also certified CarbonNeutral due to their low-emission delivery vehicles, and their manufacturing process produces significantly less carbon emissions than traditional bottling.

The volcanic water benefits are helping both the consumer and the manufacturer. Waiakea Water is the most award-winning bottled water and beverage in the U.S., and is currently experiencing a growth rate of over 4200%. With a proven devotion to producing a sustainable and healthy product, with an eye on conservation, one can only hope that their success continues.