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With the approval of the tax plan, US companies and individuals now anticipate receipt of funds from the pool of 34.6 billion dollars that is to be released in the next month. One of these is Mike Reed who is set to receive the top payout of $ 160,923. All this is thanks to an uncomplicated investment programme known as freedom checks, in which the payout depends on the sum invested.

Matt Badiali introduced freedom checks in a video explaining that all people, no matter their income, bank account balance or age, can reap from checks. To be able to participate in this scheme, 90% of the company’s earnings must be associated with natural resources (production, processing…). It must also distribute dividends in freedom checks, and anyone can become a stockholder with as little as $10.

The strategy Matt introduces is called Master Limited Partnership, which is a business partnership that is publicly traded, giving it tax benefits and cash flow similar to a public company. Most MLP’s are in the natural resources field. Companies that meet Statute 26-F are allowed to operate as tax-free entities, can distribute the checks at the time they want and are required to remit 90% of revenue to stakeholders.

Due to the fracking boom, US companies have increased their oil and gas production and at the same time import from the Middle East has reduced. Matt expects the companies to obtain great profits hence his belief investors will receive large payments in the form of freedom checks. Investing in this strategy requires buying shares in an MLP. These shares and also the payout amount goes up with time and receiving your check is easy as it is either mailed to you or deposited in your account. All Your ‘Freedom Checks’ Questions Answered.

These investments are untaxed, and one can sell at the capital gain rate. Presently around five hundred companies are eligible to be considered MLP’s.


What are Freedom Checks

Some people are wondering what Freedom Checks are. These are checks that people can get on a quarterly or monthly basis. These are checks from the Master Limited Partnerships. Freedom Checks come in many amounts and the initial investment is as low as $10.

When people invest in a Master Limited Partnership they are investing in a tax free capital gains. The taxes on the gains received from the Freedom Checks investments are taxed at the end when the investor sells the shares.

Master Limited Partnerships are required by law to distribute 90% of their profits to their stakeholders. They are also required by law to receive 90% of their revenue from the transportation, processing, and production of natural resources.

Matt Badiali introduced the world to Freedom Checks via a video. In this video he made the implication that these checks were free from investment as well. However, this is not the deal. There is a small investment to be made. The larger the investments the larger the check.

In 1987 Congress passed the statue 26-F. This enabled companies to begin forming Master Limited Partnerships. These Master Limited Partnerships offer the same tax benefits as any other partnership. However, they have the advantage of a publicly traded company. Being a publicly traded company means that they will have the assets of the other publicly traded companies.

These assets mean that there will be more money to put in the form of checks on a monthly or quarterly basis for their investors. Having an extraordinary amount of revenue and needing to pass out 90% of the profits to its shareholders means more money for the shareholders.

There is a small risk with Freedom Checks. This investment is no more risky than any other investment. However, the gains are much more substantial than most other investments. Whichever, you choose you can still get in the ground floor with these checks.

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