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Trying Wen By Chaz For The First Time

Wen conditioning cleanser is an all-in-one conditioning cleanser that women around the world have raved about. Wen is a Sephora endorsed hair cleanser that sets itself apart from the rest of the shampoos and conditioners on the market. Chaz Dean is the creator of Wen conditioning cleanser, and his goal was to create a cleanser that was truly beneficial to a woman’s hair. Women use shampoos and conditioners in order to make their hair soft and malleable. Some shampoos and conditioners are made with added chemicals and sulfates that can strip a woman’s hair of needed nutrients and oils. Dean wanted to completely avoid this process by creating a natural product that fed a woman’s hair.

Dean had a lot of trial and error until he was able to make Wen conditioning cleanser. Dean started to use Wen conditioning cleanser on his clients. His client’s absolutely loved the product, and he decided that he was going to present Wen conditioning cleanser to the rest of the world. Wen conditioning cleanser is truly unique because it can be used on any type of hair, and it is a product that is affordable as well.

Emily McClure from The Bustle wanted to try Wen out for herself. She decided to do a seven day trial on the Amazon sold product to see if Wen By Chaz would work well on her naturally fine hair. On the first day of using the product, McClure was very happy with the way her hair felt. It was full of body and very shiny. On the second and third day using the cleanser, McClure had similar results. After a few days, McClure felt like the product left her hair feeling weighed down if it was not consistently washed out. Overall, McClure does feel like Wen conditioning cleanser is a haircare product that she is going to add to her regiment occasionally. It made her hair feel great, and it also was very easy to use.