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Drew Madden: Developing Client Partnerships

As the healthcare industry changes through corporate partnerships, government regulations, and other developments, it’s more important than ever for entrepreneurs entering this field to know how to build new partnerships and develop existing ones. For companies such as CVS and Amazon, they are putting these techniques into practice, as CVS is ready to purchase insurance company Aetna and Amazon is currently purchasing pharmaceutical licenses across the United States that would allow it to sell healthcare equipment and other related items. Because of this, healthcare entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden are putting their stamp on various aspects of healthcare, especially electronic medical records.

With many aspects of healthcare in dire straits, industry experts believe the solution is to encourage more entrepreneurship in various areas. As online security becomes a bigger concern for hospitals and medical facilities everywhere, IT professionals such as Drew Madden have implemented new and innovative solutions to complex problems. This has been evident in more healthcare facilities now utilizing cloud storage, which has made electronic medical records more secure as well as accessible to both patients and their healthcare providers.

Building on his experience with Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden has made it his mission to revolutionize the electronic medical records industry. Because of this, he has worked tirelessly to turn NCP into one of the world’s most authoritative companies on healthcare IT. And to show how his hard work has paid off, all one has to do is examine the numbers. Since taking over as President of NCP, Drew has helped the company expand to include more than 725 employees, grow to more than 150 clients, and have its annual revenues reach $130 million.

As the person more and more companies turn to when they need answers to the most complex electronic medical records issues, Drew Madden is looked upon as an entrepreneur who will be putting his stamp on virtually all aspects of this issue. In the months and years ahead, Drew will put his industrial engineering skills to use helping to develop software that will be secure and easy to integrate with existing healthcare systems.