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What are Freedom Checks

Some people are wondering what Freedom Checks are. These are checks that people can get on a quarterly or monthly basis. These are checks from the Master Limited Partnerships. Freedom Checks come in many amounts and the initial investment is as low as $10.

When people invest in a Master Limited Partnership they are investing in a tax free capital gains. The taxes on the gains received from the Freedom Checks investments are taxed at the end when the investor sells the shares.

Master Limited Partnerships are required by law to distribute 90% of their profits to their stakeholders. They are also required by law to receive 90% of their revenue from the transportation, processing, and production of natural resources.

Matt Badiali introduced the world to Freedom Checks via a video. In this video he made the implication that these checks were free from investment as well. However, this is not the deal. There is a small investment to be made. The larger the investments the larger the check.

In 1987 Congress passed the statue 26-F. This enabled companies to begin forming Master Limited Partnerships. These Master Limited Partnerships offer the same tax benefits as any other partnership. However, they have the advantage of a publicly traded company. Being a publicly traded company means that they will have the assets of the other publicly traded companies.

These assets mean that there will be more money to put in the form of checks on a monthly or quarterly basis for their investors. Having an extraordinary amount of revenue and needing to pass out 90% of the profits to its shareholders means more money for the shareholders.

There is a small risk with Freedom Checks. This investment is no more risky than any other investment. However, the gains are much more substantial than most other investments. Whichever, you choose you can still get in the ground floor with these checks.

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Fortress Investment Group And Wes Edens Are Sharing The Growth With The Community

Brightline is a new train system that has made its way into Florida and is widely anticipated all over the state by many residents. This new train system has been built with excellence in mind to counter the standard of the typical bad conditions the public transportation system takes on. Brightline is cutting the commute time down to a fourth thanks to the high speeds it can travel at around the city to beat the normal traffic that slows everything down, which incidentally cuts down on normal traffic on its own. So far, Brightline is only featured in one city but is going to continue expanding throughout the state in the coming years. Today, Brightine is also the only privately owned public transportation system in the entire nation, though it will be open to all citizens thanks to Wes Edens.

Currently, the Brightline train system is trying to build a schedule that will accommodate the majority of public transportation users while simultaneously cutting down on transportation costs around the state. Fortress Investment Group is the primary backer for the Brightline train system which is a byproduct of Wes Edens, a founder for the investment company. Fortress Investment Group is a billion dollar corporation that was started by a small group of financial experts that had the idea to build a billion dollar company, and they did to tremendous success. One of the companies founders, Peter Briger, was named as one of the most influential and popular businessmen in the country by Forbes. Wes Edens along with the founders of Fortress Investment have become a powerhouse in the industry through their creativity and strategic acquisition of various companies and even a sports team.

Fortress Investment Group is responsible for tens of billions of dollars today and continues to grow each and every year. At the start of the company, the founders were able to bring 400 million dollars together to bring in new growth, and they have certainly done so with many times their original investment in return. Today, Wes Edens aims to expand into new communities all over the world, including locations such as South America, Europe, and even Asia. As a private equity firm operating out of New York City, Fortress Investment is one of the key players and influences of the investment market in the United States today. Billionaire Nassef Sawiris And Wes Edens To Buy Significant Stake In Aston Villa


Capital Group Offers Top Notch Investment Strategy

In a recent article that was featured on CNBC, Warren BUffett’s investment strategy was discussed and his unique views were put to the test in a bet against other prominent hedge fund investors. As a demonstration that conventional investment wisdom and common investment practices were undeserving American that are retired or preparing for retirement. He feels that passive index investments are very underrated and active investments offer poor returns because of excessive trading and other associated fees.

Mr. Buffett won his bet but investment professional Timothy Armour warns against relying on taking this approach if you are the average investor. He states that passive index returns are for more financially stable individuals and offer little security to average investors.


Timothy Armour is the CEO of Capital Group. He also serves as Chairman and Principal for a branch of Capital Group called Capital Research and Management Company Inc. He has worked his way up through the ranks of the company starting out as an investment analyst. He began working for Capital Group through their Associate’s Program. He later went on to achieve a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College for economics. He is currently an equity portfolio manager in addition to his executive position within the company.

He has spent over 34 years with the company while perfecting his investment strategies and technique and no one knows the ins and outs of Captial Group quite like he does. Timothy Armour currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his family. He enjoys traveling all over the world with his wife and children.

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