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Patents Inventions Under Doctor Saad Saad

Saad is referred to as accomplished pediatric surgeon. This is after what he did during his career as a surgeon. In the more than four decades working as a pediatric surgeon, he was able to perform thousands of complex surgeries. As a physician who was dedicated to his work, Saad Saad used to look for ways he could improve the existing procedures and methods when performing the pediatric surgeries. This resulted in him to achieve his goals with two inventions that were of great help. Due to the challenge of status quo, all he aimed at was to reduce the pain and risk that his patients used to experience.


Despite Saad Saad coming up with inventions, he also came up with some new procedures. He used to perform the surgical procedures especially to his people residing in his United States community or others who didn’t live there. The other achievement that made doctor Saad Saad known is for the way he used to perform complex surgeries during the medical missions. In his career, he went four missions in the United States and other eight after traveling to Jerusalem together with the west bank. He used to perform free surgeries on children and also the young adults because they came from poor families.


There are some inventions that patent the doctor. One of the inventions is about a medical catheter. These medical catheters are tubes that help to serve in a different range of roles. Some are specifically inserted in the body of a patient where they treat the medical condition aimed at or they help to perform during a surgical operation. These tubes can be able to access the surgical instruments and help to drain the fluids and gases and also perform other intended tasks but what will depend on is the type of the catheter that has been used. Even certain catheters can be allowed to stay inside the patient’s body permanently or temporarily. Learn more:


So that a catheter can be inserted inside the body of a patient, the surgeons have to ensure that they are tracking it. During the early days before inventions by Dr. Saad Saad, they used to use the traditional methods. The methods being used were either to perform an X-ray or MRI. When one single X-ray is performed to a patient, the radiations are not enough to bring illness but when under frequent, there is a possibility. This was a disadvantage. When it comes to MRI machines, they are huge and heavy and therefore they are not portable.


The other invention was to improve an endoscope. This is a machine that is used to look at inside the patient so that the doctor can note the problem. It is used during surgery or examination. It can give a visual picture of throat, stomach, bladder, colon, and windpipe.