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Alex Pall Passion For The Unique Pays Off

The Chainsmokers have been smoking a trail of impressive songs and do not look like slowing down. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are an American Duo that has enjoyed being at the top of the charts for a while now, and their recent release ‘closer’ is proof. They have 136 million views on their debut song ‘Sick boy’ and millions of views on others. Alex Pall is the DJ in the duo that combines Vocals and live instrumentations to bring music to life. The bands, unlike many other traditional songwriters, depend on other songwriters and seasoned musicians to bring a humanistic aspect to their performance.

In a recent interview, with the Interview Magazine, Alex Pall reiterated that he grew up around music; behind decks all his life. He did it as a hobby and a favorite pastime.


He always had interest in electronic music but had not the idea that it would soon be his lifeline. He worked around the clubs in NewYork and eventually decided to venture into the music fulltime after awakening at The Art Gallery. He felt that special touch and concentration in the music would bear fruits. It was also scary for him as he felt that he was having fun more than working. His manager finally introduced him to Drew and that is when things began taking shape. His life’s work has paid off thanks to a unique fusion of pop, electronic music, and many more genres. The blurry line has brought in fans gluing them to their music and recently topping the Billboard’s new dance 100 lists.


Alex pall is no stranger to live performances and instrumentation. Matt Medved, who is the Billboard’s Director of the famed Dance and Electronic Programming mentioned that he felt that their kind of music had not been given the right kind of place to evolve, grow and blossom and that is why he introduced the unique billboard line up.


Clayton Hutson Is An Event Producer And Sound Expert

Clayton Hutson is a music event organizer who specializes in helping musicians. He began his career in music shortly after studying theater design during college. He then went onto work as an audio engineer for a number of years. This experience gave him experience with putting on concerts with great sound design. Clayton Hutson then went onto tour with several bands where he helped put together concerts in a number of settings with different sized crowds.


Clayton Hutson founded his own production management company called Clay Hutson. The company offers all the resources needed to put together a concert with good sound. They are able to put together a custom sound setup for each individual concert. This is important because each venue needs a different sound design in order to provide the best sound for an individual band. Clayton Hutson is able to handle logistics, which means that a band has an easier time moving their equipment and renting equipment in each new city. He is able to assist with the process of rigging a stage, setting up the lighting, and putting together the sound design. He is then able to manage the sound during the concert. This is important as most bands will need the audio perfected during the concert. Clayton Hutson has large amounts of experience with engineering the sound for monitors. These are the speakers that allow performers to hear their own music, and it allows them to achieve better performances. Clayton Hutson also has experience with studio production, and he has helped a number of bands make great albums.


Clayton Hutson credits a number of things for his success in the music industry. He is proud of his work ethic, and he is willing to put in long hours to put on the best concert. This is important for concerts that may require using a lot of equipment where the band needs to be able to pack up their stuff right after the concert. Clayton Hutson used computer aided design to help him plan for events. This means he can know the equipment will fit into the venue, won’t block the view of the stage, and will not put the staff or performers in danger. Clayton Hutson believes that his commitment to reexamining his work is the secret to his success. He constantly checks to see if he can put on events that satisfy the band, concert goers, and event owners. Learn more: