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Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Helping InnovaCare Health Achieve its Goal of Providing affordable quality Healthcare Services

InnovaCare Health Inc is one of the leading tops managed healthcare plans and physician services provider that is focused on helping patients’ access quality and affordable medical care plans. InnovaCare is committed to delivering patient-focused care plans and is determined to overcome all the barriers that may hinder the provision of quality healthcare.

InnovaCare Inc was founded by Daniel E Straus a healthcare entrepreneur and Philanthropist. InnovaCare is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States of America. The firm Foundation was laid more than two decades ago by the firm’s President and CEO Dr. Richard Shinto. Shinto who was a practicing physician at the California based North American Medical Management Company saw a gap in the provision of operational expertise services among physicians and payers and as a result worked to ensure that healthcare organizations provide exceptional services.

Dr. Rick Shinto works hand in hand with InnovaCare highly experienced leadership team in ensuring that the firm’s vision, mission, and aspirations are achieved. Dr. Shinto is an alumnus of the State University of New York where he acquired a medical degree. Dr. Shinto was not only interested in becoming a medical doctor but also work at the management level and as a result, advanced his education and pursued an MBA degree from the University of Redland. The MBA degree was of great significance to DR. Shinto because it provided him with managerial skills which he applies serving as InnovaCare Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shinto has achieved a lot in the healthcare industry. Shinto before joining InnovaCare also served at the helm of North American Medical Management firm as CEO.  To see more checkout


Dr. Shinto has achieved a lot as a medical doctor and CEO. In 2018 Modern Healthcare recognized Dr. Richard Shinto as among the top 25 Minority Executives in the Healthcare industry. The prestigious award is given to top industry players who have made efforts in ensuring that patients get access not only to affordable care but also of high quality. Dr. Shinto besides is a proud recipient of the Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Besides Dr. Shinto Penelope Kokkinides InnovaCare Chief Administrative Officer has also been very Pivotal in ensuring that InnovaCare moves to new horizons. Penelope, a former COO at InnovaCare, has more than two decades of experience in the managed care industry including government healthcare programs. Penelope before joining InnovaCare served in a series of healthcare companies such as Centerlight HealthCare and AmeriChoice among others. For  more detailas you can visit