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Logan Stout’s IDLife Joins Hands with Garmin to Offer Activity Trackers

The well-known health and wellness firm, IDLife, decided to partner with Garmin, a leader in wearable devices, to offer its wearable line of products through IDLife website. The founder and CEO of the IDLife, Logan Stout felt that the customers of the firm should be benefitted from the wearable devices of Garmin, and from June 1, Garmin’s IndexTM Smart Scale and vívo activity trackers would be available for purchase on Also, the users of IDLife would soon get an option to integrate Garmin device data to IDWellness mobile app which helps them to track the progress and manage the milestones in the health conveniently.

IDLife works in such a way that it tips out the healthy lifestyle using nutritional products and highest-quality customized vitamins. The firm follows simple steps to make everyone in its network healthy and fit and helps them to continue the experience lasting. Both the companies joined hands by thinking that health is not just with the numbers on the scale but an overall active lifestyle which keeps people feel greater confidence and comfort on the way they are. For instance, the Index Smart Scale is not just a weight displaying device but connects over the internet and tracks various key pointers including body fat, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle mass, and water percentage. Garmin has deep expertise in wearable gadgets over a decade, and its vívo activity trackers show greater battery life and a water rating of 50m.

Logan Stout is known for various roles in the life including entrepreneur, philanthropist, leadership trainer, best-selling author, business owner, and keynote speaker. He is known for excellent leadership skills and entrepreneurial insights with a deep focus on the future. Stout’s love to baseball is a known fact, and he started his career as an Assistant Baseball Coach at Dallas Baptist University.

He was also the founder of Dallas Patriots Inc., a baseball organization for graduates, and Premier Baseball Academy, a baseball academy in Plano and Frisco. Stout completed his graduation in Psychology from The University of Dallas, and he is also the founder of which deals with personal and professional development coaching, leadership training, mentoring, and more.