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Alex Hern And Virtual Reality

Alex Hern career.

Alex Hern’s over 25 years career in the development of computer information technologies is spread across a number of organizations. He was the founder and co-founder of several companies like military commercial technologies, Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO, ArcSight (ARST), Cloudshield Network Securities, and Triton Network Systems. At military commercial technologies, a commercial technological incubation platform funded by Lockheed and L -3, Alex Hern served as the chairman and CEO. Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO was the search technology of Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. He served as the director of the INKT, it also powered the three technologies listed above. Yesmail was acquired by CMGI, currently known as ModusLink global solutions at 650 million dollars after it went public. It is an email marketing and web directory company, where he was the Director. At ARST, Mr. Hern also served as the Director. ARST was a cybersecurity firm that was acquired, after it went public, by Hewlett-Packard at 1.5 billion dollars. The same mode of approach to entrepreneurship is carried on to the other firms that he founded or co-founded. What can be pointed out clearly in Alex Hern’s career is that he focuses on the early development of companies that facilitate other computer related technologies.

Augmented and virtual reality.

Previously, different fields used a number of ways to assist in their research or projects. For health-related studies, cadavers and “Geanie pigs” were used to conduct the experiment. For the military, actual detonations and trial attack were done to project the effectiveness of their equipment. The list goes on with different fields using the environment to do their experiments. These activities posed a threat to our surroundings which created the need for a platform that would facilitate progress in different studies and research while preserving what’s left of the environment. It brought about the creation of a virtual reality, that projects the real world objects and simulated the events caused by real changes. Augmented and virtual reality is now used by surgeons to perform risky operations and test the outcome without involving the actual person. It has also allowed for the military to perform operations and missions without blowing up a desert. Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR is a producer of gadgets applications and services that support VR, virtual reality headsets, etc.

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Bob Reina and the Work of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communications oriented company that was established in 2007 by founder and current CEO, Bob Reina. Reina has helped to steer Talk Fusion toward the future while always staying ahead of the competition. What Talk Fusion does, fundamentally, is create products that helps customers and clients interact in ways that are efficient and effective for both parties. Talk Fusion came up at a time where nobody else was doing what they were doing. The reason for their success can almost singlehandedly be ascribed to the hard work of CEO Bob Reina. Learn more:


Bob Reina was working in the police force when he first got the hint that there was something else that he might want to do with his career. Reina wanted to take control of his hours, of his paycheck, and of his future. He wanted to create something and he wanted to guide it toward greatness. Bob Reina met with a network marketing executive during an off duty gig and it was there that he first got the concept of online marketing as a potential career choice. Reina wouldn’t act on the idea as of yet, that wouldn’t come until 2004 or so, but it was planted in his mind.


Success with Talk Fusion has been something so consistent that it is hard to imagine Reina approaching a project and failing. The truth was that Reina just hit at the right time and used his own marketable skills to make it happen. Reina fundamentally believed in the power of video marketing and he used this belief to encourage others to check out what he had to offer. Before Talk Fusion was close to launching Reina was already reaching out and connecting with people in order to get them excited about the product that he wanted to create. By the time that Talk Fusion was ready to go live there was already a crowd of potential customers that wanted to try out what Reina had to offer. This was the key to Reina’s success and it continues to be the key to his success going forward.

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Bob Reina Continues to Build Strategic Partnerships That Enable Mutual Growth

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a marketing communications company he established in 2007 with a strong focus on video platforms. He is also a sought-after motivational speaker and writer. Recently, he has joined forces with the new-look HuffPost as a contributor and an important contact point for Talk Fusion.



You can follow the first two how-to articles titled “Promoting with Purpose” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” on the HuffPost site. HuffPost changed its name from Huffington Post. The name change also brought revisions in content strategy and the company is looking to collaborate closely with people aligned with its updated mission statement.



According to the press release, the rebranded HuffPost will put more focus on enabling more vocal niche discussions from the traditionally voiceless segments. Bob Reina is a business leader and active philanthropist. He also a motivational speaker, an experienced marketing professional, and entrepreneur. All these values have one element in common; helping other people overcome challenges and succeed globally. Bob Reina is bringing these qualities to the HuffPost stable.



This is besides carrying the values of the Talk Fusion brand and the goodwill it brings with it. His favorite segments on the news platform include entrepreneurship, video marketing, and personal growth among others. The partnership is poised to leverage the obvious strengths of both parties. Talk Fusion engages a global network of independent associates who execute its sales strategies. HuffPost enjoys a broad audience with more than two hundred million readers.



Talk Fusion is an advertising and direct marketing company that provides video business marketing and communications solutions. Some of the offerings include video conferencing products, video email services, and social networking products. Video remains an active medium for business communications.Learn more :



Real-time solutions can cut down on business costs in logistics and transportation enabling quicker decisions. Video media provides an excellent marketing opportunity for a business to grow its brands and bottom line. Through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is enabling millions of businesses to achieve growth. He is also changing the lives of millions of people through a comprehensive philanthropy network that operates under the Talk Fusion brand.