Big-Name Celebrities Find Deeper Life Meanings Through Kabbalah

ByTippyGrant Posted Mar 4, 2017

Big-Name Celebrities Find Deeper Life Meanings Through Kabbalah

In recent years, a number of A-list celebrities from the world of entertainment have made a high-profile and very public embrace of the spiritual practice of Kabbalah. They also have endorsed and contributed to the many activities and programs of the Kabbalah Centre, headquartered in Los Angeles.

Part of the reason for a recent uptick in the celebrity trend can certainly be attributed to international super-popstar Madonna. Probably because everything Madonna does makes news, her fascination and devotion to Kabbalah generated much interest, including influencing several her V.I.P. friends to also find out what Kabbalah could do for them.

But long before Madonna, some of the biggest stars also sought Kabbalistic teachings. That included such luminaries as Elizabeth Taylor, Sammie Davis Jr. and even Marilyn Monroe. Even though they had fame, millions of dollars and enjoyed wide acclaim from an adoring public, these celebrities found much in their lives severely lacking. They were hungry for a deeper spiritual connection that no amount of earthly material rewards could deliver.

It is not uncommon for a number of the biggest name celebrities to show up at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, where they mingle with all the “ordinary folks” there seeking spiritual knowledge and a more meaningful connection to their fellow human beings. At the Kabbalah Centre, they aren’t treated like celebrities – they’re just accepted as fellow travelers.

It’s interesting to note that it wasn’t just a desire for personal attainment or self-fulfillment that attracted Hollywood giants to Kabbalah. They also wanted to find a way to give back to the world, and especially find a way to help other people. Madonna, for example, has been frequently quoted in the press saying that she believes “we are put in this earth to help people.” For her Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre offers a perfect vehicle to get the job done.

Yes, for some stars, flirting with Kabbalah was a short-term “phase” or fad — but many others found a lifetime grounding in something that is much larger than themselves.

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ByTippyGrant Posted Feb 23, 2017

The Life and Career of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a top executive from the United States who according to Fast Company has developed a reputation for transforming the companies that she has worked with. Her present role is as the global chief executive officer of a company called CP+B. At this position, she has several responsibilities such as monitoring the growth and expansion of this firm. She is also charged with overseeing the development of the firm overseas offices. Finally, she is responsible for seeing that the company grows both in the United States and globally. She has been associated with the positive impact that has been experienced in the company both culture-wise and business-wise. She joined this firm approximately 12 years ago.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, since joining the company, it has become agile, inventive and offers consistent services and products. She has also developed a reputation for concentrating on young talent and leadership. This is the major reason why the company has experienced the tremendous growth under her leadership. For her leadership, she has received several awards such as Creativity Innovators of the Year and the Agency Executive to Watch. With the continued dedication and unending commitment to the development of the company, there is room for growth and the company has a brighter future.

Lori Senecal has also been involved with other companies. For instance, before she joined CP+ B, she used to work with a company called the MDC Partner Network as the president and the chief executive officer. She had several responsibilities with this company that included driving the strategic vision of the company while at the same time deepening the company’s unique model. She was also charged with working with the partners of the company to ensure there is growth as well as cross-collaboration within the entire network. Lori Senecal has also worked with another company called the kbs+ where he served the role of global chairman and chief executive officer. She managed to grow the company to a 900 employee firm from an initial 250 employees. It’s during her period with this company that it was recognized as one of the best places to work in New York City.

She has also been involved with the McCann Worldgroup as the chief innovation officer. Other awards that she has received over the years include women to watch by Advertising Age. She plays the role of a board member with the Ad Council Board of Directors. Lori Senecal holds a degree in commerce with a specialty in finance and marketing from McGill University.

ByTippyGrant Posted Feb 6, 2017

Working with Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

Betting on the NFL can be frustrating and difficult when you first get into it. Still, finding the perfect NFL odds can help and today we are going to talk about how you can use those odds to your advantage. You’ll want to find a vetted betting info website like and from there you’ll want to pocket a few of our key tips. Today we are going to highlight the Super Bowl and some common mistakes that gamblers will make, even with the odds and statistics on their side.

The first thing that an NFL gambler will do is head straight to the internet, to a place like, in order to find out the latest football odds. The odds are what you use as an information source to make your bets and, with any luck, win some cash. So it stands to reason that gamblers go straight to the oddsmakers when the Super Bowl contenders are announced. However, this might be a mistake! When betting on the Super Bowl you don’t want to jump the gun too early by placing an early bet. The odds line can move around and it likely will. Still, the majority of gamblers manage to hold off as nearly 95% of gamblers wait until two days prior to kickoff.

Alright, so now you know to hold your betting off as long as possible in order to get the best betting lines. Next up you will want to pay less attention to the actual media that will be flooding your radio, television, and office water coolers. When the Super Bowl week is upon us you will notice that everybody is getting in on the action with their own opinions. All it takes is one convincing speaker to change the way that you are approaching your game. You don’t want to throw out all of your normal research preparation due to a convincing bit of media.

At the end of the day betting is gambling. The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and it is one that you will want to have some kind of joy in. Try to limit yourself from overexposure to media and try to keep some kind of enjoyment with the game upon you. Make your bets after doing your research and try not to let it stress you out too much as the kickoff rapidly approaches.

ByTippyGrant Posted Jan 26, 2017

Lime Crime Velvetines Lip Line is Scandalous


Sasha, Cindy, Gigi, and Lulu may sound fierce chic’s; however, they are part of the hottest lip trend from Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte collection. Not only will you love these kick-ass colors, you will adore the innovative Plum hue, “Scandal”; so sexy it’s scandalous.


Scandal is just one of 42 liquid-to-color matte lip paints released from the spicy, L.A. makeup company, Lime Crime. The one-of-a-kind Lime Crime is not your mother’s makeup line, instead, they rock pallet’s that not only scream spectacular, they rebel against normality. Certified Vegan and manufactured without cruelty to animals, Lime Crime is safe, even when you are wicked. Pouty, velvety, and plump, your lips will command attention.


Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, you work for a living, although you know how to relieve stress after by hitting up the club with the girls. Lime Crime understands that we don’t always have time to freshen up, fortunately the bundle duos are the answer to all your dilemmas. “Charm” up your “Fetish” with the convenient lip duo that adds a beautiful mauve shimmer to a sizzling plum, that lasts all night. Lime Crime offers 14 impressive duos for a variety of your fetishes.


Sporting Velvetines is the only requirement to rocking out but, adding their super-hot, Superfoils Eye Shadow, will make you all the rage. Ten sparkling duos for whatever mood you’re in will look fabulous with their Liquid Liners; however, if you’re not feeling sparkling, the Venus Palettes offered by Lime Crime, will surely satisfy your dark side.

Whatever the occasion, Lime Crime will render you the life of the party. Kicking it on the dance floor or in the boxing ring, your beauty will knock anyone out. As Lime Crime declares, it is “make-up for unicorns”! Read more about Lime Crime news and new looks on their Tumblr page.