Justin Brown and The Brown Agency

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Justin Brown and The Brown Agency

Established in 2015 when Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South, The Brown Agency is Texas’s premier talent agencies providing the only full service firm in Austin and one of the few of Texas.


Wilhelmina Austin, founded in 2010, has been a force of modeling talent in the field. Heyman Talent-South has been renowned for acting talent. Combined, their forces are unstoppable and will provide clients all across the country with reliable and remarkable talent. Although the company is based in Austin, there is an office in Los Angeles.


Former head of Wilhelmina Austin, Justin Brown, is head of the company and CEO while Michael B. Bonnee, founder of Heyman Talent-South, is still an integral part of operations as leader of the theatrical division.


Brown has worked in the business as a model and worked his way through business school modeling for companies like Lucky Jeans.


Arriving in California shortly after he turned 18, he spent time at several different agencies learning the tricks of the trade and gaining valuable experience.


He was more interested in the management of talent than actually being talent so he gained a position in a field called “Development and Placement” where he worked to teach and refine the skills of new models and then helped them find work.


He moved back to Austin in 2005 and started his own agency. He says he just connected with Austin. It was a place that both spoke to him and would be a good place to build his own firm and reputation.


Brown has the expertise to fit the right model or actor with the right region. For example, he says that Austin is more “funky”, looking for people with tattoos and piercings who seem to fit the edgy, independent mold that Austin fits while in places like Dallas need those with more conservative looks and personas. Check out their website blog.brownagency.co



The merger of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South has skyrocketed the success of The Brown Agency, known for its excellence in the field. Justin Brown has the work ethic, talent, opportunity, and experience to take his business to the next level and place his talent into amazing roles and jobs.




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Clayton Hutson Is An Event Producer And Sound Expert

Clayton Hutson is a music event organizer who specializes in helping musicians. He began his career in music shortly after studying theater design during college. He then went onto work as an audio engineer for a number of years. This experience gave him experience with putting on concerts with great sound design. Clayton Hutson then went onto tour with several bands where he helped put together concerts in a number of settings with different sized crowds.


Clayton Hutson founded his own production management company called Clay Hutson. The company offers all the resources needed to put together a concert with good sound. They are able to put together a custom sound setup for each individual concert. This is important because each venue needs a different sound design in order to provide the best sound for an individual band. Clayton Hutson is able to handle logistics, which means that a band has an easier time moving their equipment and renting equipment in each new city. He is able to assist with the process of rigging a stage, setting up the lighting, and putting together the sound design. He is then able to manage the sound during the concert. This is important as most bands will need the audio perfected during the concert. Clayton Hutson has large amounts of experience with engineering the sound for monitors. These are the speakers that allow performers to hear their own music, and it allows them to achieve better performances. Clayton Hutson also has experience with studio production, and he has helped a number of bands make great albums.


Clayton Hutson credits a number of things for his success in the music industry. He is proud of his work ethic, and he is willing to put in long hours to put on the best concert. This is important for concerts that may require using a lot of equipment where the band needs to be able to pack up their stuff right after the concert. Clayton Hutson used computer aided design to help him plan for events. This means he can know the equipment will fit into the venue, won’t block the view of the stage, and will not put the staff or performers in danger. Clayton Hutson believes that his commitment to reexamining his work is the secret to his success. He constantly checks to see if he can put on events that satisfy the band, concert goers, and event owners. Learn more: https://medium.com/@claytonhutson49

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Brazil or Traditional Butt lift Dallas area options

A Butt lift is a form of plastic surgery, which is comprised of two distinct types. One type is the Brazilian butt lift, the other is the traditional butt lift. There are a specific factors to consider, when deciding which of the two types is best for you. Typically, a patient will consult a plastic surgeon to discuss what are the options available based on the patient’s body type, and their desired expectations. Patients should be prepared to do their due diligence on the selection of a surgeon, their experience and the overall comfort level between patient and surgeon. In the Dallas, Texas area there are several board certified surgeons available. Ricardo A. Meade MD, Jeff Angobaldo MD, David Liland MD, or Sam Jejurikar MD are all viable options, each of which has performed many successful surgeries.

Butt lifts typical cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. Traditional butt lifts, typically cost more than the Brazilian butt lift. Traditional butt lifts, are a much more involved surgery, requiring a more extensive procedures. The Brazilian butt lift is not nearly as intense, nor does it require the surgeon to manipulate tissue, skin and muscle.

The Brazilian butt lift, is the more popular of the two. The Brazilian butt lift is cheaper and requires only fat transfer. The patient is required to have fat in other areas of the body. There has to enough fat in areas that can be transferred. During the transfer, some of the volume is lost during the processing phase. Typically it is preferred to harvest fat from less desirable areas of the body, like the back or stomach.

The traditional butt lift requires the surgeon to make one of four types of incision in the buttocks area. The surgeon is then required to manipulate skin, tissue, and muscle.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Entrusting Bradescos Leadership To A New Head

Bradesco Bank recently announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be going down from his post and he will be replaced by Octavio de Lazari Junior, who served as the vice president of the Bradesco Bank and the president of Bradesco Seguros, one of the financial institution’s subsidiaries.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wishes Octavio de Lazari Junior good luck, knowing that he would take the company into new heights. Octavio de Lazari Junior will be in charge of the whole operations inside Bradesco Bank, and he wanted to express his gratitude to those who believed in his skills in leading the company. Octavio de Lazari Junior was chosen by the appointment committee of the Bradesco Bank, and they have undergone formal process of choosing the next CEO. They also stated that his selection is based on his background and merit, and he was the most qualified out of all who tried to apply for the position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will stay as the chairman of the board of executive directors until March 12. After that, he will also have to go down from this post, as the next in line for the position will be revealed after their annual general meeting. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi stated that the selection of Octavio de Lazari Junior followed a strict protocol, and the calendar of schedules had to be followed. He did not elaborate about the process, but assured the public that his successor is a man of integrity, and that he will also do everything that he can to alleviate the ranking of Bradesco Bank and to increase its value and investors.

Read more on valor.com.br

The announcement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi going down from his post was announced nationwide through broadcasting corporations. The changes in the leadership of Bradesco Bank are crucial because it is considered as one of the backbones of the Brazilian banking industry. Through the efforts of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Bradesco Bank managed to become the second largest bank in Brazil, after Banco Itau and Unibanco which have undergone merging back in 2009. The total number of assets that the new CEO of Bradesco Bank would have to manage is a staggering Brazilian $1.3 trillion. He would also need to look after the Brazilian $493 billion worth of credit portfolio.

It will be a challenge for the new head of the Bradesco Bank to lead the company to the top. There should be an open communication between the departments to ensure that everything is in sync with what the company wanted to happen. There are many names which was submitted to become the next leader of the institution, but it was given ultimately to Octavio de Lazari Junior because the company believes that he can emulate the success felt under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Bradesco Bank continues to increase in value, and the addition of HSBC Brazil to their subsidiaries is a testament to the growing power of the company. Bradesco Bank is expected to become the largest bank in Brazil in the near future.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: https://www.bradescori.com.br/site/conteudo/interna/default3.aspx?secaoId=572

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Dick DeVos is a change agent you might not know

When you talk about change agents in the United States, one couple we don’t hear a lot about is Dick and Betsy DeVos. While we do hear about Betsy when it comes to being the Education Secretary, there are still plenty of people who don’t realize the duo have been working to change the way we do things in this country for decades. On occasion, Dick DeVos has been a change agent on a much smaller scale. That was most recently underlined when talking about the way he went about making sure that his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan does not get a brand new multi-purpose sports and convention arena north of downtown.


DeVos felt as though this new center was going to draw away from downtown Grand Rapids. The campaign to kill that center made Dick DeVos understand that he had a bit of a calling as a kind of community organizer. His efforts were carried out in a couple of different ways and he’s now credited with helping steer the development of Grand Rapids in a positive way.


Because both he and his wife Betsy are heirs to great family fortunes, they have had the time and the means to spend a lot of their adult lives to being change agents, whether talking about policies or institutions. Because the DeVos’ are also big-time Republican donors, they are people that have managed to make sure that they have a voice in the political process. That work has led to Betsy DeVos being someone who is now the most powerful person in the country when it comes to deciding what direction public education is going to go. Dick DeVos was also appointed to a government agency by President Trump.


DeVos, who has also spent time as a pilot over the course of his life, was appointed to the top civilian panel overseeing the Federal Aviation Administration back in September. The former president of Amway is now starting a brand new chapter in his career. At the same time, he’s doing what he does best. He’ll be someone who can now change the way things are done at the FAA from the inside. That is, of course, the reason why DeVos has been doing what he’s been doing. Changing things from the outside can be done, but it’s certainly easier to do it from the inside.


People like Dick and Betsy DeVos understand that being a change agent of an agency you are overseeing is quite a bit easier than picking up the phone and hoping you can rally enough people to your cause. It should also be pointed out that while some of President Trump’s choices for his cabinet have come under fire for not having experience in the areas they are overseeing. Dick DeVos is certainly someone who understands aviation. He will continue to push his knowledge in a way that he can change what he sees needs to be changed. Now we’ll just wait to see what his next project might be.


Visit http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

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Journalist Activists Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Express Displeasure At President Trump’s Arpaio Pardon

President Trump drew some heavy criticism in the first year of his term for pardoning former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was facing indictment for ignoring a federal judge’s order.

This pardoning drew criticisms not only from Democrat party activists and immigration reform groups; it also was slammed by writers at National Review, a conservative-leaning political news journal.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, longtime journalists and known enemies of Arpiao let it known that they thought the justice system needs fixes to hold corrupt law enforcement officials like Arpaio accountable, and they said this pardon was going to further their resolve to fight for justice for immigrants.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey frequently wrote about controversial raids and deportations Arpaio conducted while serving as Sheriff, and their current human rights group the Frontera Fund has taken up initiatives to help impoverished immigrant communities and bring light to what’s really happening in these communities.

They’ve been known critics of Trump’s plans to build the wall and want to see more fair immigration laws passed at both the state and federal levels. The start of Larkin and Lacey’s Frontera Fund came after 40 years in alternative journalism and over 10 years in specific duels with Arpaio.

Michael Lacey grew up in Binghamton, NY and got his love of journalism from publications his father encouraged him to read. He moved out to Arizona to study at Arizona State University, and it was there that he met Jim Larkin, a lifelong native of Arizona who also became interested in independent journalism. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://about.me/jim_larkin and http://james-larkin.com/

They both actually dropped out of college because their independent newspaper, the Phoenix New Times and its parent company Village Voice Media were gaining attention rapidly.

Their original stories were covering the protests going on during the Vietnam War and seeking to get the truth out about the Kent State shootings. But over the years they started growing the New Times into additional cities and covering topics ranging from political scandals to technology developments. Immigration became a big story in the early 2000s as Arpaio’s office started flexing its muscles.

Around 2004, a Phoenix New Times reporter started gathering information about a potential police corruption case Arpaio was involved in, and Arpaio decided to retaliate by arresting Larkin and Lacey and doing so by using a little-known law. But public opinion turned on Arpaio as a result of this and a district judge subsequently dropped the case against Larkin & Lacey.

They later decided to sue Arpaio’s office for the wrongful arrest, and the $3.75 in settlements they received was used to start the Frontera Fund. Larkin said that when he was young, he was taught that all people matter when talking about compassion and he hopes the Frontera Fund will make a difference in the lives of immigrants.

Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

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Boraie Development Slated For Atlantic City

Opening next summer in Atlantic City is a venture that will build 250 new apartments. This project will be a first in about 25 years that the City of Atlantic has seen.

This report of the building of the new apartment’s comes from The Atlantic City Press. The company that will be spearheading the project is Borail Development LLC. They visited the place where the project will take place. This area is called The Beach at South Inlet. It is an 81 million dollar compound and it will house about 50,000 people who are employed in the resort town. The boundaries of the complex include New Jersey, Atlantic, Connecticut Avenues and the Pacific.

The city of Atlantic has been harmed by the development of new casinos in nearby states. Atlantic City has seen their resort gaming business dwindle, but now they are upbeat about getting the city off to a grand start. Atlantic City has seen ten years of their neighboring states cripple them. They are determined to repair their damaged economy. Atlantic City Gateway enterprise is viewed as bringing stability in their economy.

Atlantic City is focused on using new investments to begin a brand-new beginning, looking forward to a grand future. According to Vice President Wasseem Boraie, he believes the next stage is to offer modern housing. Building these apartments will bring in and house a unique generation of renters. The compound will attract this new generation because of the amenities which include a residents lounge, swimming pool, and a gymnasium.

A report stated by Patch, that 61 percent or more of those in the city are 40 years or older. This report came from research by neighborhoodscout.com.

At Sam Boraie you will find an assortment of services geared for all ranges of the market in the Urban Real Estate, Property Management, Sales, Marketing, and Real Estate Development. The staff at Boraie is committed to building breathtaking real estate development while implementing exceptional service to their Patrons. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The Professionals at Boraie is passionate about working with Financial Institutions, Contractors, Architects who have the same vision they do, and who understand that meeting deadline and completing all projects in a timely manner is important. Boraie is a giant in the Real Estate Business with more than 30 years experience. They are experienced in areas such as servicing Residential, Commercial, Middlesex County, the surrounding areas, national referral specialists, townhomes, condos, residential resale and commercial department.

Click here: http://www.boraie.com/news/gambling-on-millenials

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Robert Ivy: Importance Of Design In Health

According to Robert Ivy architectural design can assist us in solving complex issues in the health sector. Even before we look at the complex issues, there are simple things that we can all relate to. Some benefits can be resolved by using stairs in a building instead of using the elevator. The building occupants are likely to enjoy a better environment with the stairs than the elevator in terms of health benefits. When we are using our bodies our health is boosted. Using elevators means that we are depending on the kinetic energy supplied by the external electrical system instead of our own muscular energy. The human body needs exercise. When we engage in stairs climbing, we are fine tuning the muscles of the body.
Design has much more to human health as well as productivity. Access to natural lighting and fresh air tends to make a person develop a perception that will affect their performance. However, these are the things we assume or we never even know that they are affecting our performance.
Architects are today working on ways they can increase the health benefits that are directly related to design. The intention is to make people live a better and healthy life, sometimes even without knowing. In this 21st century, Robert Ivy is one of the people who is working very hard to ensure that these improvements are realized. We will look at some of the recent design works which are meant to make human being live a healthier life.
In a recent project that was completed in Seattle known as the Seattle Children’s Hospital “Building Hope” expansion, the architects integrated the biophilia in the design work. Biophilia is a name coined by a German psychologist meaning love of life or living systems. Biophilia is used to describe the human attraction to anything that is living. This particular design was important for the children hospital since it creates a sense of humor and playfulness in children and the visitors. There is also use of mural which makes the children imagine and discover things.

Read more on conferenceonarchitecture.com 
About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is an architect born in Columbus, Mississippi. Ivy holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Sewanee University, and a master’s on the same from the University of Tulane.
Robert Ivy has held senior editorial positions in the field of Architecture. He was the Vice President and Editorial Director at the McGraw-Hill Construction. He was also the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record for fourteen years between 1996 and 2010. In his term as the senior editor, he oversaw the publication of 33 publications in both digital and print editions.
Ivy is now the Chief Executive Officer or the Executive Vice president of American Institute of Architects. He has won some accolades for his good work in the architectural field. Due to his excellence in business media, he was awarded the G.D Crain Award in 2009 for his contributions. The Alpha Rho Chi magazine named him the “Master Architect” in 2010.

About AIA

The American Institute of Architects leading professional association for architects in the United States. The organization was founded in 1857 and was established with the focus on developing and improving the sector. Currently has a membership that is in excess of 90,000 people. When the organization was founded, the industry didn’t have any qualification requirements for people working in the sector. The American Institute of Architect is an organization that brings together architects in the whole America. The founders of this organization did not want architects to operate as individuals. By coming together, they will support one another and grow the profession. Since then the organization has played a major role in advancing the interests of this profession.

Learn more about AIA: http://www.archdaily.com/tag/aia 

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Securus Technologies Lands Another One

Securus Technologies has been providing technology-based solutions for correction facilities and law enforcement agencies for over 30 years. In January of 2018, the company announced they will be expanding their offerings by the acquisition of GovPayNet, a electronics payment processor. Indianapolis, Indiana-based GovPayNet has been in business since 1997 and has contracts with over 2,300 agencies in 35 states. They provide electronic processing for a number of transactions include cash bail, tax payments, fines and fees, and other payments. The company will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Securus Technologies and Mark MacKenzie will remain as CEO.


Securus Technologies provides a host of services including employee self-service, phone and video conferencing, commissary management, biometric analysis, and others to over 3,500 corrections facilities and 1.2 million inmates in the United States and Mexico. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and owns over 20 subsidiaries that make up their business. They have three other locations in Texas and Atlanta, Georgia and employee over 1,300 people. They recently opened a U.S.-based customer call center and are A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of Dallas. The CEO and President of Securus Technologies is Robert “Bob” Pickens, who has been with the company for over a decade. He was named to his current position on January 1, 2018.


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Michael Lacey’s Math Career

Michael Lacey is a mathematician. He was born in September 1959. He later obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. The first he got was at the Louisiana State University. Shortly afterwards he moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He then went on to Indiana University, where he worked until 1996.

Lastly, he got a job at Georgia Institute of Technology where he currently still works today. His accomplishments have been recognized in various ways over the years. This includes being rewarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for research and joining the American Mathematical Society in 2012. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

He was written several academic papers over the years to solve problems in the math community. He got his start with a thesis on the area of probability in Banach spaces during its PhD years. The most famous piece he has written was finding proof for the central limit theorem.

It was a collaboration piece with Walter Philipp at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1996 he completed another collaborative work Alberto Calderón at Indiana University. They received the Salem Prize for solving the bilinear Hilbert transform.

Currently Michael Lacey is a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has helped many PhD students in their graduate programs. Several of those students have gone on to secure academic and industry positions within the field. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=CVXnps0AAAAJ&hl=en

His success with the math industry and passing that legacy to the next generations makes Michael Lacey a very respectable man for colleges and students to look up to.